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2025 PSTN/ISDN Switch Off

Openreach is switching off the PSTN & ISDN network in 2025, so what does this mean for you? In 2025 the final elements of the PSTN (analogue telephone lines) & ISDN (digital lines) network will be turned off with all IP (internet based lines) replacing these legacy services. The project has already begun, so do not hesitate to consider your options.
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What services are affected?

In short, anything using a copper line. Openreach has a variety of services still utilising copper lines with the most apparent being the PSTN & ISDN network, but it doesn’t stop there! It’s not just about telephone services. Any services using a copper line will be affected:

  • Broadband that’s run over an analogue line (ADSL & FTTC fibre)
  • Analogue voice telephone services (dial-up devices, fax, alarm systems, building management systems, lift lines, PDQ machines)
  • ISDN 2e & ISDN 30e lines which are mainly used by phone systems.

When will I be affected?

Openreach has already started to switch off services at exchanges over the country. This first stage consisted of a ‘stop sell’ on certain exchanges where no new affected services can be ordered regardless of the circumstances.

Over 200 exchanges across the country were transferred to a stop sell in January 2022 alone.

2 years after the stop sell date is set all services will cease at that exchange.

National ‘Stop Sell’ Date Confirmed!

September 2023 was announced as the National Stop Sell date. At this point all exchanges nationwide will have reached their stop sell date.

By September 2025 Nationwide it’s all IP services, or nothing.

Evaluate your switch off status today with one of our experts!

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