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Revolutionise your call centre and telemarketing success with Zappie's cutting-edge telecom solutions

Welcome to Zappie - your trusted partner in telecoms and technology solutions for the call centre and telemarketing industry.

With our cutting-edge offerings and extensive expertise, we empower businesses like yours to optimise their operations, enhance customer experiences, and boost productivity.

Does this apply to your call centre service?


Outdated phone systems?

Our advanced phone systems enable seamless communication, allowing your agents to handle a higher volume of calls efficiently.

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Limited business mobility?

Our business mobile solutions ensure that your team can make and receive calls, access important data, and collaborate seamlessly, even when they’re outside the office.


Unreliable internet connectivity?

Our Wi-Fi internet services deliver fast and stable connectivity, keeping your agents connected and your systems running smoothly.

Enhanced efficiency.

Streamline your call centre operations with our state-of-the-art technology solutions.

From advanced phone systems to intelligent call routing, we equip your team with the tools they need to handle calls effectively, improving overall productivity and reducing wait times.

Maximize your efficiency and provide exceptional customer service.

Improved scalability.

As your call centre or telemarketing business grows, so does the demand for reliable communication systems.

Our scalable solutions ensure that your telecom infrastructure can adapt to your evolving needs.

Add or remove phone lines, upgrade packages, and expand your capacity effortlessly, empowering your business to scale without limitations.

Dedicated support and maintenance.

We understand that downtime is not an option for your business.

Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to address any technical issues and provide immediate assistance.

With regular maintenance and proactive monitoring, we ensure that your telecom systems are always up and running, allowing you to focus on what matters most: serving your customers.

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These services are ideal for call centres and telemarketing service providers

We utilise the latest technology to suit any size of business and enable efficient communication

Improve efficiency with high speed data connectivity solutions that are both secure and reliable

Choose a mobile network and tariff to suit your business across a range of the latest devices. All plans are customisable with the ability to mix and match.


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