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Is Call Recording Important?

For businesses that rely on customer service, sales and marketing calls, call recording is an invaluable tool. In this blog, we take you through three ways that call recording can be used to drive value for your company.
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Let’s begin by thinking about the way you handle emails. If you were to receive an important email, would you read the email once and then delete it? In the vast majority of cases the answer would be no! The important email would either sit in your inbox, be forwarded to a colleague, or it would be stored in a folder for future reference…

We have important calls in business everyday, yet some businesses still have no call recording facility to refer back to.

Here are 3 key ways in which Call Recording will play a vital role within your business:

Keeping your colleagues up to speed

There will be situations where colleagues will be collaborating on projects, they might be covering a member of staff who’s absent, resolving issues with a client, or sitting a sales meeting booked via an SDR’s cold call. Sharing call recordings with your peers accurately informs them of the previous telephone conversations!

Entering the following call with 100% clarity on previous conversations will inevitably strengthen the relationship with your client. 


To be the best, you must learn from the best! There is no better way to train calling processes than to review successful calls within the business.

This will help to modify your sales script to get a better outcome, you can review the tonality and accuracy of the  communication provided to a customer, and ensure your successful calling processes are being followed.

Many businesses globally have call quality control teams whose sole responsibility is to review calls within their business and provide feedback for improvement.

Recover missed information

On many occasions calls can get intense and our hands will only write or type so fast. Couple this with the need to give 100% focus to those at the other end of the line – information will be missed in your note-taking!

Whether it’s a note-taking mistake of that email address, telephone number or vital information about the client’s needs, call recording will be your comfort blanket to ace the next stage of that conversation. 

If you currently do not have call recording within your business, after reading the above would your competitors with call recording have an advantage over you? Or if you do have the functionality, are you using it to its full potential?

Well call recording comes as standard for all Zappie clients – with contract lifetime storage! 


Contract lifetime storage


Search via number, date range or agent


PCI compliant

Call Pause

Pause & resume functionality


Ability to download & send or store


Save recordings in your CRM


Accessible anywhere via our online portal

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