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Wi-Fi Data Capture

Are you looking for a powerful solution to supercharge your business's marketing efforts?

Transform the way you engage with your customers, capture valuable data, and boost your online reputation with our super-charged Wi-Fi data capture services.

Elevate your marketing efforts with Wi-Fi data capture

At Zappie, we understand that in today’s digital age, data is the new gold. That’s why we’ve designed a cutting-edge Wi-Fi data capture marketing service that helps you unlock the true potential of your business.

Say hello to increased customer loyalty, higher foot traffic, and soaring revenues!

Shine a light on your customers.

Say goodbye to anonymous visitors. With Zappie’s Wi-Fi data capture service, you can effortlessly gather essential customer data, such as email addresses, social media profiles, and contact information.

Know your customers better and deliver personalised experiences that keep them coming back for more.

Collect positive online reviews.

Online reputation is everything. Our service enables you to prompt satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on popular platforms.

Build a stellar online reputation that attracts new customers like bees to honey.

Automated marketing messages.

Save time and effort with our automated marketing messages. Engage your customers in real-time through personalised emails, SMS alerts, and social media messages.

Keep them informed about promotions, special offers, and exciting events.

How it works


Customer connects to Wi-Fi

Our system works silently in the background, capturing valuable data without any hassle.

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Data collection and analysis

Our intelligent analytics provide you with actionable insights to optimize your marketing strategies.


Feedback and review requests

 For satisfied customers, we prompt them to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google or Trustpilot.


Automated marketing campaigns

Tailored promotions, special offers, and event invitations keep your audience engaged and excited.

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