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Case Study: The Nation Group

The Nation Group is a 24-hour security business that relies heavily on effective communication and internet connectivity, which is why Zappie were perfect for the task.
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The Nation Group Managing Director and Owner, Marcel Cullers, tells us about why he needed a refresh in his business communications as well as his thoughts on the Zappie service.

The customer

The Nation Group is a an organisation in Southamtpon that primarily operates in the security services sector, offering its expertise at various venues, including sporting events, pubs, clubs, festivals, and concerts.

The Nation Group is split into four businesses:

  • Security Nation – Professional security services, from door staff for bars and nightclubs to major international sporting events and festivals.
  • Nation Training – SIA door supervisor, CCTV & first aid training, with lecturers who have over 10 years of experience in the field.
  • Nation Care Support – a team of highly experienced security staff who are also qualified carers, offering a reliable security service, as well as care support, to care homes, hospitals and NHS services. 
  • Feed The Nation – the charitable arm of the group which gives back to the community by taking a food truck out for homeless people in Southampton and local families who rely on food banks.
With a reputation for delivering top-notch services across their various businesses, The Nation Group is a 24-hour company that relies heavily on communication and internet connectivity.

The challenge

The Nation Group approached Zappie with several pressing issues related to their communication infrastructure and internet connectivity. 

The first difficulty was the sluggish internet speeds that The Nation Group was experiencing. We’ve all been there when your Wi-Fi connection is playing up, and there can be nothing more frustrating than watching those spinning wheels. As a business, it hampers your ability to efficiently manage operations and respond to client needs promptly.

The other challenge facing The Nation Group was the outdated phone system which was causing significant issues with missed phone calls, resulting in potential business opportunities being lost. On top of this, the call quality was subpar, leading to frustrated customers and employees alike.

Slow internet speeds causing frustrations
Miss call
Missed calls leading to disgruntled customers
Call cancel
Poor call quality and lack of features

The solution

Zappie, with its expertise in telecommunications and IT solutions, undertook the task of revamping The Nation Group’s communication and connectivity systems.

After a comprehensive analysis, Zappie recommended and implemented a modern, customised phone system that addressed the specific needs of The Nation Group. This included the excellent Yealink T58W desk phone which comes jam-packed full of features.

Missed call alerts
Call Pause
On hold music or marketing
27_Line Chart
Call reporting
36_Voice Message
Call recording
HD video calling

One of the features that really aided Nation Group and their business is the call recording functionality. Guard welfare is one of Marcel’s top priorities and his security team would check in via phone calls when they are on-site. 

Meaning the ability to keep ahold of these calls was crucial from a liability standpoint.

Our call recording has no restrictions on how long or how many calls are recorded.

Zappie upgraded The Nation Group’s internet connectivity, ensuring faster speeds and enhanced reliability, which was crucial for their round-the-clock operations.

This will enable them to respond quickly to customer needs and take away the frustration of slow connectivity.

The install

The seamless installation and transition process carried out by Zappie played a pivotal role in ensuring that The Nation Group’s daily operations were minimally disrupted while their new phone system and internet connectivity were implemented.

After a detailed planning session, Zappie strategically scheduled the installation during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions. This ensured that the transition primarily occurred during times when the group’s services were less in demand, reducing the impact on their clients and employees.

We also operated pre-installtion testing to mitigate unexpected problems during the transition. 

And we’re happy to say that the install was smooth and very minimal disruption was caused.

The results

The collaboration between The Nation Group and Zappie yielded significant benefits. The new phone system reduced missed calls and improved call quality, enhancing overall communication within the group.

Upgraded internet connectivity provided The Nation Group with faster speeds, enabling them to respond to client needs more promptly.

So overall, the business communication services deployed have helped to enhance the operations of The Nation Group and we’ve enjoyed working with them.

speech mark

I wouldn’t ordinarily recommend a company unless I was 100% sure that they could deliver… and in the internet/telephone world, they’re as good as anyone. So I would definitely recommend them.

Marcel Cullers

Managing Director

Case Study

Case Study: The Nation Group

The Nation Group is a 24-hour security business that relies heavily on effective communication and internet connectivity, which is why Zappie were perfect for the task.

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