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Hooray! Finally – an improved calling experience with your GP

GP's across the country will receive a welcome boost as the UK government decides to invest £240 million in surgeries' telephone systems. Here's Zappie's role in enhancing communication.
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In an exciting development for the healthcare sector, the UK government has recently announced a substantial investment of over £240 million to upgrade doctors’ surgeries’ telephone and on-hold messaging systems.

This significant commitment reflects the government’s dedication to improving patient care and streamlining communication within the healthcare system.

As a leading telecommunications brand specializing in business telephone system installations, Zappie is poised to play a pivotal role in assisting GP surgeries in harnessing the benefits of this investment.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the government’s update, explore how it will benefit both GP surgeries and patients, and highlight how Zappie can support healthcare providers in optimizing their telephone systems.

The Government's Investment and its Significance

The government’s investment in doctors’ surgeries’ telephone systems is in recognition to the critical role that effective communication plays in delivering quality healthcare services. This funding aims to modernize and enhance GP surgeries’ telephone infrastructure, ultimately improving patient experience and operational efficiency.

Hopefully we’ll be saying farewell to engaged tones and long wait times during the typical 8am rush for appointments and beyond!

This investment comes after surveys revealed a decrease in public satisfaction with GP practices and difficulties accessing doctors, particularly via the phone.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay expressed his commitment to improving patient support and leverage modern technology through a streamlined processes.

speech mark

I want to make sure people receive the right support when they contact their general practice and bring an end to the 8am scramble for appointments. To do this we are improving technology and reducing bureaucracy, increasing staffing and changing the way primary care services are provided, which are all helping to deliver on the Government’s promise to cut waiting lists.

Steve Barclay


Enhanced Patient Experience

With the new investment, patients can expect an easier route to contacting their local GP surgeries. Outdated telephone systems often result in long waiting times, frustrated patients, and potential delays in accessing essential healthcare services.

However, the planned upgrades will help alleviate these challenges by enabling better call management, reducing hold times, and optimizing call routing to the appropriate healthcare professional.

In addition, receptionists will receive improved training to ensure callers are directed to the most appropriate medical professional for their needs. Patients will no longer be told to phone back later, as GP practices will be required to offer same-day appointments, assessments, or referrals to pharmacists or A&E as needed.

Streamlined Operations for GP Surgeries

Efficient communication is crucial for GP surgeries to operate smoothly and provide timely care to their patients. The investment in telephone system upgrades will empower healthcare providers to optimize their operations.

Features such as call queuing, call forwarding, and automated on-hold messaging systems will enable surgeries to manage their call volumes more effectively, reducing the burden on reception staff. By integrating advanced telecommunication solutions, GP surgeries can enhance their workflow, improve staff productivity, and deliver a more seamless patient experience.

Zappie's Expertise in Business Telephone System Installations

As a telecommunications brand with extensive experience in business telephone system installations, Zappie is well-positioned to support GP surgeries in capitalizing on the government’s investment.

Our dedicated team of experts understands the unique communication needs of the healthcare sector and can provide tailored solutions that meet the specific requirements of each surgery. Whether it’s upgrading existing telephone systems, integrating call management software, or implementing efficient on-hold messaging systems, Zappie offers a comprehensive suite of services to optimize communication within GP surgeries.

Advanced Telephone Systems

Zappie can provide modern, feature-rich telephone systems that offer call routing, voicemail, call queuing, and other functionalities crucial for efficient healthcare communication.

Call Management Software

Our expertise extends to implementing call management software that enables surgeries to track call volumes, monitor wait times, and efficiently handle patient inquiries.

On-Hold Messaging Systems

Zappie can assist GP surgeries in creating engaging and informative on-hold messages to keep patients informed, reduce perceived wait times, and provide relevant health-related information.

Here are just some of the many features included when you sign up with Zappie:

Mobile and desktop applications

Our Communicator application supports desktop (Windows & Mac), plus mobile apps for iOS and Android.

27_Phone book

Directory services

Maintain a global company directory of all your employees or contacts.



Dial with ease through our Communicator app wherever you see a number on-screen.


Instant Messaging

Chat with colleagues and share files instantly.



Set your presence status, so colleagues know if you’re available.


Voicemail-to-email transcription

Instantly and automatically receive an email with a text transcription of any voicemail you receive.

2_Video Camera

Voice & video conferencing

Collaborate with colleagues using voice and video through our Communicator app.


Screen sharing

Share screens and panes to enhance remote meetings and collaborate better.

Call Dial

Integrated call recording

Benefit from automatic call recording of all inbound and outbound calls, with 90-days secure storage included.


Advanced PBX features

Deliver an enhanced experience for inbound calls, with IVRs, auto-attendant, call queue and on-hold music.


Simple online management

Add new users instantly, administer changes to call flows and configure features all from a single, secure online portal.


International numbering

Assign geographical numbers, with numbering available for over 65 international destinations.

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